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          Multilingual info on epidemic available online for foreigners
          发布时间:2020-02-03   文章来源:摘自中国日报 浏览次数:

          (From China Daily)

          As the number of patients infected with the novel coronavirus is increasing nationwide, many provinces, cities and regions in the country are providing multilingual information on virus prevention and control processes, to help the foreigners get related news conveniently and protect themselves well.

          North China's Hebei province is providing related information in five foreign languages online for foreigners living and traveling in the province, according to the Foreign Affairs Office of the Hebei Provincial People's Government.

          The information, in English, French, Russian, Japanese and Korean, is available on the office's official website, WeChat account and cellphone application.

          Except for the latest updates on disease prevention, the information also includes advice on how to strengthen self-protection with preventive measures and designated hospitals for patients with the novel coronavirus.

          It provides hotlines for the Hebei Health Commission, the province' top health authority, and the Foreign Affairs Office, which will respond to their concerns in a timely manner, the office's letter to foreign friends in Hebei said.

          Except for the online information, Beijing also provides a hotline with eight languages for foreigners to call and get related information on the virus-borne disease, according to the Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality. The office published a letter on its website on Friday to non-Chinese citizen visitors in the capital.

          The letter includes a list of over 100 hospitals that can treat patients with fever and a list of designated hospitals in Beijing for pneumonia caused by 2019-nCoV or the novel coronavirus.

          Gansu province in Northwest China is updating the latest news on the virus in four languages and hotlines of various organizations in education, foreign affairs and others will be available 24 hours a day.

          It also collects conditions of foreigners working or studying in Gansu to see if any help is needed.