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          Leishenshan Hospital to Be Completed Soon
          发布时间:2020-02-06   文章来源:www.xinhuanet.com 浏览次数:

          On February 4, construction workers from China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co. Ltd. were seizing every minute to build the Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan.

          As of 12:00 that day, 96.5% of the box-type prefab rooms in the quarantine ward zone were hoisted into place, as installation and furnishing took place at the same time. For the Medical Technology Building, the steel structure and the rooftop plates were basically put in place, and the interior furnishing and medical supplies were being installed in each functional unit; in particular, test equipment and CT machines were already in place and ready for debugging. Equipment and pipelines were installed in the sewage treatment station. Structural construction was completed for the waste incineration station. And road surface hardening was half done. The purpose-built hospital for treating the novel coronavirus is expected to be ready for delivery on the following day, February 5.




          当日,武汉雷神山医院建设进入冲刺决战阶段,预计2月5日具备交付条件。 截至2月4日12时,病房隔离区箱式板房吊装已完成96.5%,同步进行安装及装修施工;医技楼钢结构安装、屋面板安装基本完成,正在进行各功能区内装和医疗设备安装施工,其中检验设备及CT等已进场,准备进行调试;污水处理站设备及管道安装已完成;垃圾焚烧站已完成结构施工;路面硬化已完成50%。