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          WHO Launches the 2019-nCoV Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan
          发布时间:2020-02-07   文章来源:www.xinhuanet.com 浏览次数:

          Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, February 5 (Reporters: Ling Xin, Chen Junxia) On February 5, the World Health Organization announced in its Geneva headquarters to launch the Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan against the 2019-nCoV infection, aimed to provide guidance for developing context-specific regional or national response plans.

          The Plan is said to focus on rapidly establishing international cooperation, providing technical support, enhancing infection prevention and control measures across countries, and speeding up key R&D and innovation projects to curb the further spread of the 2019-nCoV. In particular, support will be delivered to countries with the most vulnerable health systems and facing possible outbreak of the virus. Moreover, the implementation of the plan is expected to help diagnose, isolate and take care of the patients as early as possible, exchange key information, accelerate the R&D of diagnostics, treatment and vaccines, and reduce the virus’ social and economic impact.