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          A Letter to Foreign Friends in Hebei 2020-01-30
          The International Community Supports China’s Epidemic Prevention and Control Efforts 2020-02-07
          Wuhan Launches Clinical Trial of Remdesivir 2020-02-07
          WHO Launches the 2019-nCoV Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan 2020-02-07
          Latest Epidemic Update of Hebei(Feb. 6th, 2020) 2020-02-07
          Leishenshan Hospital to Be Completed Soon 2020-02-06
          Ministry of Science Technology: Antiviral Drugs under Screening 2020-02-06
          Hebei Sends off Fourth Batch of Medical Professionals to Wuhan 2020-02-06
          Latest Epidemic Update of Hebei Province (Feb. 5th, 2020) 2020-02-06
          Good news! Newly reported suspected cases fall in numbers for two consecutive days 2020-02-05
          Hebei Opens Mental Health Helplines to Help Fight the 2019-nCoV 2020-02-05
          Huoshenshan Hospital Admits Its First Patients 2020-02-05
          NDRC on the economic impact of the epidemic: It won’t change the fundamentals of China’s economy which will remain sound for a long term 2020-02-05
          Xi prioritizes epidemic control efforts 2020-02-05
          Latest Epidemic Update of Hebei Province (Feb. 4th, 2020) 2020-02-05
          As of Feb. 2, 16 Foreigners Infected by the 2019-CoV in China, 2 Recovered 2020-02-04
          Ministry of Foreign Affairs: China Has Received Anti-virus Supplies from 11 Countries and UNICEF 2020-02-04
          Huoshenshan Hospital, a Miracle of China Speed and a Confidence Booster 2020-02-04
          Latest Epidemic Update of Hebei Province (Feb. 3rd, 2020) 2020-02-04
          Multilingual info on epidemic available online for foreigners 2020-02-03
          Contacts of the Embassy and the Consulate-General of South Africa in China to Respond to the Epidemic 2020-02-03